It is very likely that all of us at some point in our lives will face the difficult and painful task of choosing a memorial for a loved one. A final tribute to honour the one you love. For many of us we would not even know where to even begin which can make the process even more unsettling to start.

With our long experience as time served craftsmen stonemasons we are here to guide and advise you and make the experience as straight forward and painless as possible together with helping you create the perfect fitting memorial for your loved one for all to be proud of.

We are both very proud to have provided care and attention for many local families at their time of need, we have completed memorials in most of the local Churchyards and Cemeteries so if you have sourced a memorial locally in the past 16 years it is very likely that it was designed and hand crafted by either of us. We are very proud of our individual design work and high quality memorials that we are able to offer

We take great pride to say that we are recognised as national award winning masons for our work.
We import only the finest quality stones from both the UK and overseas such as York stone, Portland, Roman stone, Slate, Marble and Granite. It can then be cut to any shape, size and finish to suit both your requirements and those set by your local burial authority. By providing such a wide selection of stone ensures that we are able to find the right choice that best suits your chosen memorial.

There are seven key stages that you will need to decide upon to complete your preferred memorial design. Material, Shape, Surface finish, Inscription, Bespoke design, Lettering style and Lettering colour. Our brochure provides a wide range of materials, shapes and designs however there is only so much than you can show in a book, and because all of our memorials are individually made, any material, shape, size and bespoke design can be made of your choice. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Once all of the stages have been decided we will then create for you a full drawing/drawings. This will give you an image of how the memorial will look. You can use this to approve with the rest of the family and also make any final amendments before returning it to us.

After receiving back your final approved design, we will then send off all relevant signed paperwork together with the memorial application to the appropriate burial authority to obtain their full approval for the proposed memorial to be fitted in their burial ground meets all rules and regulations they require. Once we have received all approved documents we can start the carving of the memorial for your loved one.

You can select any design of your choice from our portfolio or something you may prefer(provided that it is permitted by your local burial authority) and we can re-create it onto your loved ones memorial. It could be anything, such as a type of flower, the family pet, their working life, hobby and many more. This truly creates an individual final tribute for your loved one.

Depending on the complexity of design and type of stone chosen we aim to complete and fix our memorials in around eight weeks however if there is a special anniversary or significant date that you would like the memorial completed for then please let us know and we will do all that we can to help complete the memorial for that special day.

Whilst we recognise the importance of embracing modern masonry techniques and machinery, we also acknowledge the value of keeping our stone craft and the traditional hand crafted techniques and skills alive. We have a small but very dedicated team of experienced craftsmen so we can offer a wide range of bespoke memorials of any description at very competitive prices. We would like to invite you to visit our showroom and welcome you to come and watch our traditional masonry techniques. If you would prefer however to discuss your requirements within the comfort of your own home then a home visit can be made during the day or on an evening on request with no obligation or extra cost.

We would be honoured and considerate it as a great pleasure to assist you in creating a beautifully individual memorial stone for your loved one. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns or require any free advice, or if you prefer please feel free to ask us anything that you are unsure of in the question area of our web page and we will be pleased to get back to you.

Memorial Costs

Unlike many companies who often will show you lower initial costs with the lettering, designs and fixing all extra. Our memorial costs include up to 100 incised and painted letters, full fixing with a stainless steel ground anchor fixing system and solid granite foundation. Our bespoke designs illustrated can be also be finely hand etched or carved onto the stone with prices starting from £50.

Burial Authority Approval & Fees

Before the memorial can be completed and fitted we must first obtain full approval from the burial authority. Most authorities charge a fee for this and require signed documentation outlining material, shape, size and design together with the fee before approval is considered/given. We will send you all documentation filled in for you to check and sign and return to us. We will then complete all communication directly with them on your behalf and will contact you once full approval has been granted.(This is a service that we offer free of charge).


All memorials where required are fitted with solid stainless steel pins and a ground anchor fixing system and solid granite foundation. As RQFM memorial fixers we ensure that our stones are fitted to the Code of Working Practice as set by NAMM (The National Association of Memorial Masons).

Memorial Guarantee Certificate

We also offer a free 10 year Guarantee with all our fitted memorials covering ground subsidence and fixings so if you find that in the unlikely case that your loved ones memorial needs attention you simply need to contact us and we will rectify and re-fix the memorial completely free of charge.

Delivery Time

Unlike burial stone memorials which require six months settlement period for the grave to settle before a memorial can be erected, cremation type stones can be fitted any time after the internment has taken place. Where possible we offer to fix your loved ones cremation stone at this time to enable all family members attending to view the memorial in place and this is something that we offer for no extra charge. We aim to complete burial stones in six to ten weeks depending on the complexity of the chosen design, however if there is a special anniversary or significant date that you would like the memorial completed for then please let us know and we would try our very best for you.

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